Thai Massage Salon ThaiSun Warszawa Mokotow

Thai Massage Salon ThaiSun Warszawa Mokotow

ThaiSun Thai massage salon network is expanding! From May 2017, we invite all our clients, especially those from Wilanów, Mokotów or Ursynów to the salon at Aleja Wilanowska 111a.

The location guarantees comfortable and fast access and free parking for customers. The salon is located on the ground floor in a very intimate neighborhood thanks to which it is friendly for the disabled. The unique design and atmosphere of the interior from the threshold will soothe your senses, and our professional Thai staff will introduce you to a state of blissful relaxation. Two fully equipped bathrooms await our clients. One of them, unlike the other salons, is a wellness area equipped with a bathtub - stay up to date with our facebook, where we will soon present a special offer of spa treatments.

Address: Al. Wilanowska 111A/3, Warszawa 02-765
Open: 12am - 9pm (7 days in a week)
You can make an appointment outside of regular opening hours of our saloon.

Contact us:
+48 503 555 402
+48 22 699 07 60

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If you are driving from the south of Warsaw, for example Ursynów, it is easiest to hit us by going down the Dolina Służewiecka to the right, into Aleja Wilanowska. After turning right and after about 100m you will reach next lights and pedestrian crossings. Turn right again on them, then straight into the right-hand street and you are on the spot. On the wall of the building, there is clearly visible number 111a, the block has a yellow color. There is a car parking on the left, where you can leave your car without worries. Driving from Wilanów, the access is just as easy. From Aleja Rzeczpospolitej, turn left onto Aleja Wilanowska and at the intersection with Karczocha street, turn left again and then straight into the right-hand alley. The intersection with Karczocha street is the last light before the Dolina Służewiecka. People who are coming to us from the side of the Siekierkowska Route are asked to turn left from Aleja Sikorskiego (which turns into Dolinka Służewiecka) into Aleja Wilanowska. We travel about 100m to the first traffic lights, turn right on them, right after that. At the entrance to the estate, on the intercom, please press number 3. The reception will open the gate and then repeat the action at the entrance door to the building. When you get inside, go a few steps ahead as you lead the corridor, then right past the elevator.

We are located close to such places as:

  • Tor Stegny
  • Wilanowska metro station
  • Służew metro station
  • Karczocha bus stop
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW)
  • The Vistula university group Fort Czerniaków
  • Sadyba Best Mall shopping center
  • The headquarters of TVN on Wiertnicza
  • Hotel Atos, Portos, Aramis