Thai Massage Salon ThaiSun Warszawa Mokotow

Thai Massage Salon ThaiSun Warszawa Mokotow

The Bamboo Lounge at al. Wilanowska 111A/3 is the newest salon of ThaiSun. It is located on the border of Mokotów and Wilanów districts. Which guarantees easy access from both sides. The salon is located on the ground floor of a very calm part of the building, which gives it the peace and quiet necessary to relax.

When driving along Wilanowska street from Mokotów side, turn right at the traffic light at the junction with Karczocha street. Then go right again and drive about 100 m. There is a car park on the left side in front of the building.

Address: Al. Wilanowska 111A/3, Warszawa 02-765
Open: 12am - 9pm (7 days in a week)
You can make an appointment outside of regular opening hours of our saloon.

Contact us:
+48 503 555 402
+48 22 699 07 60

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