How can I prepare for a Thai massage? Do I need to bring anything with me, for example, a towel?

You don’t have to specially prepare for a Thai massage. At ThaiSun salons, we will provide you with all the necessary things. Every salon has its own bathroom with a shower in case you would like to refresh before or after your massage.

What length of massage is appropriate?

We usually recommend for our clients a 90-minutes massage. Why? It is the perfect length for the therapist to work on your whole body and pay enough attention to your massage. One-hour massage often does not give the opportunity to focus on particular body parts. It is due to the fact that doing all of the techniques in minimal time takes approximately 50 minutes. Thirty- minute massages are recommended as a supplement or an addition to other treatments.

I am after an injury, can I have a Thai massage?

Of course, it’s even recommended, but it shouldn’t be a fresh injury that may include bandages. Thai massage has physiotherapeutic properties and it’s regulated by the Ministry of Health in Thailand.

Can I try a Thai massage during or after pregnancy? If so, what kind of massage should I choose?

Yes, if you’re pregnant we would recommend different safe pregnancy massages in comparison to massages after pregnancy. During pregnancy, we would highly recommend trying sensitive, gentle massages, such as oil massage or feet and legs massage. For women, after pregnancy, we have a separate offer of a relaxing oil massage. Six months after giving birth, you can come back to your favourite Thai massages.

Can I pay by credit card or bank transfer?

Of course, in all of our salon’s payment terminals are available. Our staff will help you if you would like to pay by a bank transfer.

What kind of oils is ThaiSun using for their massages? Is there a possibility of a massage with a fragrance-free oil?

We use the best natural oils with an addition of fragrances made especially for ThaiSun salons. Thanks to the cooperation with a Thai company, which specialises in the production of natural cosmetics there is a possibility of a massage with a fragrance-free oil. All of the cosmetics used by ThaiSun are hypoallergenic.

How can I use my loyalty card?

You are going to receive a loyalty card at your first appointment at our salon. This client card gives you a chance of a free massage after having 5 massages at our salon. The sixth massage can be at the price of the most expensive one from your 5 massages. Our Loyalty card cannot be combined with other discounts.

How can I get to know about recent discounts?

All of the information about our newest massage discounts is available on our social network sites such as Facebook, Instagram and our website in the news section.

When should I make the reservation to choose a convenient date for me? Can I make a reservation only by phone?

Depending on our schedule availability, we would recommend you to call 3 to 5 days before your preferred day, so that you would be able to choose a convenient time for your massage. A reservation can be done by phone, personally at our salons, by a reservation form (available on our website) or by Facebook Messenger on our Facebook Page.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you are unable to attend your massage appointment, we would kindly ask you to cancel your massage at least 24 hours prior to your appointment. In case of any unexpected circumstances, we can cancel your visit up to 3 hours before your massage.

Can I buy a voucher online, without visiting a ThaiSun salon?

Of course, we have an online shop on our website. There, you will find all kinds of vouchers for specific massages, SPA treatments, vouchers up to a particular price. You can also dedicate it online to a person of your choice.

Are there any contraindications to a Thai massage?

The most serious contraindications are cardiovascular diseases, especially blood clogging disorders. Thai massage is also forbidden in case of any skin diseases, including skin inflammations and contagious diseases. Thai massage is also not recommended straight after serious injuries.

Who does the massages at ThaiSun salons? Thai massage therapists?

ThaiSun employs massage therapists, who are certified Thai massage therapists and come from Thailand. We care about keeping the best quality of massage and constant development. That is why we take on the best therapists. Every masseur in our salon is a certified physiotherapist.

In which cities, can I find ThaiSun salons?

At present, you can find us in Warsaw, where we have 3 salons: Downtown, Mokotow and Saska Kepa, in the centre of Cracow and Wroclaw.

Do vouchers work in every single ThaiSun salon?

Regardless of the location, vouchers, which were bought in our salons or online, work in every single ThaiSun salon.

Can children have a Thai massage?

Children over 5 years old, can try a Thai massage. Of course, it would be adjusted to their needs more gentle. Massages are highly recommended for children, who do sports, for example football and deal with muscle soreness.

Can older people try a Thai massage?

Of course, There’s nothing such as age limit when it comes to a Thai massage. Power and intensity of the massage is always adjusted to the particular client’s needs.

I perform sports and train a lot, is a Thai massage a good option for me?

It’s even highly recommended. Thai massage is also known as a passive yoga, because it reduces tension in muscles, helps with soreness and brings back whole range of movements in joints. Good option after intensive training is classic Thai massage or sports massage- thanks to it you will get rid of muscle soreness quicker and would be able to train more effectively.

Can I buy cosmetics used by ThaiSun in every salon?

Cosmetics used by our Thai massage salons mostly come from Thai Lemongrass House – an organic company, which specialises in creating cosmetics from natural compounds. At ThaiSun you can find a whole range of natural cosmetics from Lemongrass, such as peelings, hand-creams, or shower gels and more.

Are all of the SPA treatments and massages available in every single ThaiSun salon?

Our base offer is available in every salon. Exceptions can be seasonal massages and more advanced medical massages, which can be done only by particular masseurs.

Can I meet ThaiSun staff at any events and have opportunity to try a Thai massage?

Our salons regularly take part in Slow-fashion events and many others connected with slow lifestyle. Follow us on our social network sites so that you will know all of the newest information and future events.

FAQ in a nutshell

With what treatment should I start my journey with Thai massage?

We suggest that our new clients start with a 90-minute classic Thai massage. In our salon a classic Thai massage can last even 2 hours (or more if it’s needed). However, a 90-minutes version lets our masseurs focus on your whole body and concentrate on body parts, which demand more attention.

Who does the massages? Thai masseurs?

Yes, at ThaiSun we employ only Thai masseuses and masseurs, which have experience and posses certificates from the Thai massage institutes. Prior to starting work at our salon, every single masseur needs to pass a qualification test in order to verify their real level of skills.

Should I wear something specific for my massage?

No, there’s no need. Before your massage, we will give you special uniform which includes loose, cotton trousers and shirt.

Is Thai massage relaxing or medical?

No, it is an energising and relaxing massage. We perform it in a basic version, a medicinal one is a separate treatment.

What should I expect from my massage?

Thai massage gives you an energy boost and leaves you relaxed. Thai massage is performed on a special massage mattress or matt. It is kind of a ritual, which starts with cleaning your feet with a hot towel (it is a Thai way for the masseur to show respect to the client). After this ritual, the massage begins. More information about Thai Massage is available in the massage section.

Can I pay by credit card?

Of course, all of our salons accept payment by credit cards, such as VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and others.

Should I make a reservation for a massage?

Yes, you should contact us 2 to 3 days before your preferred date and time.

Is there a possibility to have a massage in different place than a salon?

Our offer includes possibility of a massage at our clients home. There is an additional cost of 100 zloty in Warsaw or 150 zloty within 20 kilometres from our salon.

Are there any contraindications that completely exclude Thai massage?

The most important contraindications are cancers, heart diseases and circulation system, pregnancy, menstruation, skin diseases: mycosis, inflammations, psoriasis. If you have any of this symptoms, we would highly recommend you to inform us about this before your massage.