Massage with herbal stamps

Massage with herbal stamps

Thai herbal stamps massage is a special combination of aromatherapy, thermic therapy and acupressure. This unique, traditional art of therapeutics has been used in Thailand for hundreds of years. In all our ThaiSun salons you are able to experience a typical Thai solution for cold and tiredness. Hot herbal stamps full of aromatic herbs would help you conquer inflammations.

This treatment is a priceless method for cold or infections. Thanks to compresses, which have a high temperature, masseurs can easily massage and stretch tensed muscles. As a result, the massage would be less painful and more effective.

By choosing herbal stamps massage you decide to follow an experience of traditional Thai therapy. It’s an excellent treatment for people who need to warm up, but also for those who want to experience an aroma-therapeutical effect of organic herbs.
The biggest advantage of using herbal stamps is their wide-ranging beneficial effects. It can be treated as a therapy for every condition connected with inflammations.

Price list of massage with herbal stamps

Duration 90 min. 120 min.
Massage with herbal stamps
180 zł 240 zł

We recommend for you to try this massage any time of the year. Indication for Thai herbal stamps massage can be upper respiratory tract infections. Aromatherapy, especially eucalyptus and camphor, gently relieves a blocked nose and reduces a cough. All of this in combination with steam and warmth would quickly help you get rid of all of the ailments in the most pleasant way.

Except medicinal and warming up properties, Thai stamps massages moisturise and rejuvenate the skin. Steam from the hot stamps is useful in reducing skin imperfections and cleaning pores from blackheads. First results are visible straight after treatment. After the massage, it’s recommended not to bathe for a few hours in order to let the herbs work in.

Available in both variants: the classic variant (herbal stamps) or coffee and cinnamon compresses.

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What to expect?

Traditional Thai name of stamps used for this massage is called ‘luk pra kob’, which in translation means ‘herbal ball for squeezing’ due to their spherical shape.

Thanks to the hot compress, masseur can deeply concentrate on aching joints and tensed muscles. Herbal stamps are well-known in Thai traditional medicine. Herbs inside the compress have been used in Thailand for almost two thousand years. Their appearance is connected with Buddhist monks from India and indigenous tribes from the north of Thailand. Due to the fact that making stamps has been easy and ingredients have been widely available, this massage has united different social groups. For instance, in the past, this kind of massage was used by the king, warriors coming from the battlefield, but also by ordinary citizens.

Raw materials forming the herbal stamps are organic and it hasn’t changed since hundreds of years. It’s a combination of herbs, fruits, spices and flowers. Compresses consist of ginger, cinnamon, mint, sage, lemongrass, eucalyptus, camphor, kaffir, lime, tamarind leaves and lavender.

The technique of massage with herbal stamps

Thai herbal stamps massage is a dry one, without using any oils. It’s performed in special, hypoallergenic disposable undergarments, which the therapist will provide you with before the treatment.

Massage includes the whole body. Firstly, masseur prepares your body by placing herbal compresses. Prior to that herbal stamps are heated with steam, so that it can release the maximum power of herbs. Next, the masseuse uses properly heated stamps to deeply massage your muscles. This activity is repeated many times in order to let the herbal extracts get into your body.

During the whole aromatherapy treatment, you should remember to breathe deeply to get the maximum profit.

Bathroom and clean towels are always waiting for you at our salons. You shouldn’t worry about any preparations. The only thing you need is time to let our masseur take care of you.

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Knowledge in a Nutshell

Massage is done with white, cotton bags, which consist of a mixture of herbs. It has a beneficial influence on the health of your body. These herbs are lemongrass., eucalyptus leaves, turmeric, ginger or cinnamon. Massage would improve your immunity. It works similar to the Chinese cupping treatment as its supposed to depurate, detoxify and strengthen. In Thailand, it is widely-used as doctor’s primary care. It’s especially recommended for people dealing with inflammations, cold, and rheumatic diseases.
It’s available in a classic version (herbal stamps), but also as coffee and cinnamon compress.

Whole body massage. The first part of massage (around 45 minutes) is a modified version of a classic Thai massage. It’s performed in order to prepare your body for putting herbal stamps. Herbal compresses are steam heated so that they can release aromatic oils. In the next part of the treatment, warm compresses are being applied to your back, hands and legs. This action is repeated many times so that the extract from the herbs can be better absorbed by your body. It’s a ‘warm’ massage. Herbal compresses purify and relax the body and mind. Moreover, it would give you better immunity. In addition to the mixture of herbs and oriental spices, there are also available coffee and cinnamon compress. Coffee seems to be really popular in modern cosmetics, because it improves concentration, reduces tiredness and works anti-ageing by neutralising free radicals. Coffee and cinnamon compress promotes weight loss and reduces cellulite.

Effect of massage with herbal stamps

The advantages of herbal stamps massage include:

  • warming up the body (thermal and steam therapy)
  • anti-inflammatory effect
intensive aromatherapy
improving skin firmness
  • moisturising the skin and reducing blackheads
  • herbal compresses cleanse and relax body and mind
  • detoxification and cleansing of the body
  • regeneration of muscles, joints and tendons
  • relax and de-stress the body
  • improve digestion and concentration

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