Thai slimming massage

Thai slimming massage

The slimming massage at ThaiSun salons is a combination of SPA treatments typical for Europe with a special climate of far regions of Asia.

This treatment has a lot of many advantages due to the fact that the masseur uses ancient Thai techniques. You would be able to observe visible slimming of your shape, even after the second session.

This massage would improve blood circulation, which connects with a faster metabolism. It has a direct impact on the process of fat tissue burning. Thanks to that kind of stimulation, you would be able to observe the progressive disappearance of cellulite. Toxins from your body are going to be removed, at the same time with deposits of fat and subcutaneous water.

You would feel free and comfortable in your body.

Price list of slim massage

Duration60 min.90 min.
Slim massage
180 zł220 zł

What to expect?

This treatment is done with the concentration on chosen by the client body parts. So, if you are interested in slimming of your stomach, you just need to communicate it to the masseur before the session. Our qualified Thai masseurs use beneficial for the skin oils during the massage. Despite moisturisation of the skin, oils tighten and smooth the skin.

Taking care of your comfort, we would provide you with disposable undergarments before the massage. You don’t have to prepare specially for the visit. The only thing, you would need is enough amount of time for the treatment.

Our Thai staff recommend 90-minute long sessions and is also the most popular time variant amongst our clients. If you have less time, an effective and healthy solution would be a 60-minute massage. Shorter time variation is a great occasion to combine a few kinds of treatments. For example, at your request, we can combine slimming and body shaping massage with a Thai facial treatment so that you would be able to feel as if you’re at a SPA at the other end of the world

The technique of slim massage

This massage is a chosen body parts treatment. It means that you decide on which parts of your body the therapist is going to concentrate on during the massage session.

Clients of our salons mostly choose to concentrate on the thighs, stomach and buttocks area. All of the massaged parts are rubbed with special Thai cosmetics on the basis of creams and oils. Once it’s absorbed by your body, it would improve blood circulation.

Afterwards, your body is rubbed and strongly patted by the masseur in order to break the body fat underneath the skin.

The effect of breaking deposits of the body fat is a priority during two first sessions and that is what you would be able to observe the soonest. Next sessions would target body shaping of body parts chosen by you.

This treatment is a quite intensive one because slimming massage techniques demand strong pressure on some body parts. However, its amazing results completely compensate for the moments of discomfort.

Knowledge in a Nutshell

Part treatment concentrating on chosen body parts. In most cases, these parts are thighs, stomach or buttocks. The whole procedure is performed with the use of creams and warming oils. It’s done in a lying position in disposable undergarments. During the massage, oils are supposed to increase skin temperature. Alternating the masseur would intensively massage and pat selected area of the body in order to fasten metabolism and reduce body fat. For people dealing with the venous problem, we recommend using different kind of oils, which do not warm up the skin but effectively complement the slim massage.

If you want to achieve visible results, you need to repeat this treatment. As the first two sessions concentrate only on ‘breaking’ fatty deposits, improving the metabolism of the body, the following massages would give proper slimming effects.

You should be aware that it’s an intensive treatment but at the same time really effective one.

Effect of slim massage

Advantages of slimming and body shaping massage include:

  • reduction of body fat
  • getting rid of cellulite
  • a reduction of stretch marks
  • overall skin tightening
  • fastens metabolism
  • removing toxins from the body