Classic thai massage

Classic thai massage

We'd like to invite You for thai massage performed in traditional way. Wide knowledge and advanced techniques of our Thai masseurs would make it special and unforgettable experience.

Coming to every single salon from our chain of salons, which specialize in Thai massage, you can be sure that treatment would be a combination of knowledge and skills honed for hundreds of years. And all of this you 'd be able to experience without going on long-distance trips.

Strength and technique of massage is adjusted to every client's individual needs. It means that same massage can look a little bit different depending on person. It may be as varied as our organisms are. The main feature of real thai massage is using hands, elbows, feet and forearms by masseurs. Thanks to properly adjusted pace of massage, you'd be able to feel how each sequence of massage affects parts of your body including legs, hands or back.

Price list of traditional thai massage

Duration 30 min. 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Classic thai massage 110 zł 150 zł 200 zł 250 zł

Variation of elements in thai massage lets body to regain more mobility. Classic thai massage gives appreciable result of "charging" body with positive energy, which can be maintain even for a few days after massage.

ThaiSun masseurs would highly recommend 90 min. version of treatment, even if it's your first visit. Thai massage is also available in 60 min. and 120 min. version. What is more, this massage gives excellent results done by two masseurs ("four hands" version).

Techniques of Thai massage

Techniques of Thai massage include elements of stretching. It is aimed to relax muscles and bring back their natural flexibility. Massaging helps oppressed joints and lets to regain full range of movements. Controlling your own reactions, gained with experience from previous massages, ability to relax and trust in masseur- are the key to successful thai massage.

If you have experience connected with thai massage, we would like to recommend you to try " eight hands" version of it. When it's done by four masseurs, it demands unique precision and coordination of movements. That kind of massage is intended for more experienced clients.

Every massage is a new experience!

Thai massage isn't a routine treatment. Therapeutic sessions depending on individual preferences may differ- massage can be stronger, energizing, therapeutical or deeply soothing. Traditional thai massage can be successfully connected with SPA rituals, feet massage or herbal stamps.

More experienced with techniques of oriental massage, can easily find elements of acupressure, shiatsu massage, ayurveda and passive yoga, which are integral part of classic thai massage. Thanks to yoga influence, it is possible to get into asana state (meditation positions) during massage. Sequences of "'lazy yoga" occur in thai massage in sitting and lying positions.

Traditional Thai massage

Traditional thai massage is a dry massage, without using oil. It's performed in special uniform, which we'll give you before massage. In the salon bathroom and clean towels are waiting for you, so you shouldn't worry about any preparations.

Treatment starts in position in which you lay on your stomach. At first, masseur concentrates on lower parts of body- feet and legs, gradually moves to upper parts- hands, back and neck. In this moment, you will change the position to lying on back. In that part, masseur focuses on chest and arms.

Massage ends up with incredibly relaxing face and head massage.

Is Thai massage suitable for everyone?

Regardless of age everyone can try thai massage. Practiced masseur adjusts technique and power of massage to the age and body proportions of the client. Traditional thai massage is based mostly on anatomy assumptions, but it also relies on power lines.

Sen lines are zones of energy flow throughout the body well-known in traditional thai terminology. Due to long tradition, anatomical terms in thai massage differ a bit from modern ones. We can easily relate location of sen lines to particular muscles and nerves. However Thais are not willing to share this knowledge, cause they practice it only in traditional healing treatments.  Thai massage is a combination of everything the best from Far East medicinal treatments, including yoga and ayurveda.

Classic thai massage is the oldest (around 2500 years) form of thai massage. It consists of combined techniques of acupressure, shiatsu, ayurveda and passive yoga  (better known us yoga for the lazy).

It relaxes tense muscles, joints and tendons, stimulates circulatory and lymphatic system, brings back balance of whole processes in human organism. As a result of this massage, you can get energy boost, which is sensible even for a few days after massage.

Massage concerns whole body and it's done "dry". Firstly, masseur concentrates on feet, legs, then hands, back, through energetic sen lines. At the beginning a person being massaged is laying on the back, then on stomach. The last part of massage is head massage. Before doing that masseur always cleans hands, cause head in philosophy of buddhism is sacred zone. Massage is coordinated with passive asanas, which are positions from yoga. Massage is also rich in techniques of acupressure, that is supposed to improve blood circulation.

Traditional thai massage is done in special, comfortable thai clothes, which we'll give you in the salon. Before massage, you shouldn't eat abundant meal. Massage is also available in two hands, four hands and eight hands versions. You can also choose the power of massage depending on your needs.

Effect of massage

  • relaxation of the muscles and tendons,
  • joints become more flexible,
  • better metabolism,
  • improvement of blood circulation,
  • positive energy boost
  • level and harmony of the body.