ThaiSun Thai Massage Salons

Our locations

ThaiSun Warszawa Centrum

The ThaiSun Centrum salon is very easy to find, located in the center of the city and is our most popular salon at the moment.

You can find near Warsaw Spire building, right next to the Hilton Hotel.

ThaiSun Warszawa Saska KEpa

Our salon on Saska Kępa is the cosiest of ThaiSun salons in Warsaw. Located in a charming green district in Warsaw is a perfect place for a date - all the available rooms are for two persons. The entrance to the salon is located on the corner of Zwyciezców and Katowicka street.

Tajskie SPA ThaiSun Warszawa Mokotów

ThaiSun Warszawa Mokotow

The biggest of our salons in Warsaw, ThaiSun Mokotów is often praised for its space and quiet, located near the corner of Wilanowska and Dolinka Służewiecka streets. This one is perfect for SPA treatments as it offers the biggest SPA room equipped even with a bathtub.

ThaiSun Krakow Centrum

Located less than 800 meters from the strict center of the city of Cracow this ThaiSun salon offers the peace and quiet needed for relaxation. Its equipped with special SPA room as well and can host up to 5 persons at the same time.

ThaiSun Wroclaw Centrum

In Wrocław You can find our salon very near the city center on the Wyszyńskiego street under the number 43. Inside among the bamboos dominating in the decoration style You will find comfortable rooms specially adjusted for every kind of thai massage.