Full regeneration package

Full regeneration package

Too intense lifestyle, endless rush and stress or too little movement or sleep ... These are just some of the causes of fatigue to which we are exposed every day.

If we do not care about our regeneration in a proper way, sooner or later, muscle pain, trouble sleeping or lowered mood may occur. At ThaiSun, we are perfectly aware of how busy is the world we live in - that's why we have prepared a special Full regeneration package, which will certainly allow even the most tired person to get back into shape.

Regardless of whether you are struggling with deadlines every day or maybe you are a mother bringing up three young children - a special selection of massages will certainly fulfill its task.

Package consists of:Price
1 x 2h oil massage, 1 x 1,5h massage with herbal stamps, 2 x 2h classic thai massage, 2 x 1h reflexology1260 zł 1089 zł


Massage with aromatic oils in a two-hour version will certainly allow you to soothe the nerves and slow down the pace, which after a long time in the race may not be so easy. Of course, our professional Thai masseuse will help you achieve this. Essential oils used for the massage, except that they smell great, they also nourish and smooth the skin, longitudinal movements help to direct the lymph to the lymph nodes, which improves the functioning of the immune system.


If we are talking about the immune system, we should mention the massage with herbal stamps, which in eastern culture is a replacement for our primary care physician. In Asia, it is used when you feel that something is taking you. How is it to fatigue? Well, it is common knowledge that excess effort has a negative effect on immunity and that is why this massage was included in the package. It is made using cotton bags, which contain herbs such as lemon grass, eucalyptus leaves, turmeric and ginger.


Traditional Thai massage, which is also a part of the Full regeneration package, physically reduces the effects of stress. This is specifically about stress deposits that form painful swelling in the muscles. The techniques used in this massage affect even the deep muscles so that after all you can see that the range of your movements has also increased, and the whole body works more efficiently.


The last massage in the package is a foot massage, or reflexology. This position, unlike the others, is a bit shorter and concerns only the area of the feet and calves, but paradoxically can affect your whole body. Alternative medicine of the East says that the feet are connected nervously with the majority of organs in our body. Thanks to this, focusing only on the foot area, we can positively influence the functioning of our internal organs or the hormonal economy, which is often disturbed by too intense lifestyle. It can therefore be concluded that the Full regeneration package in a comprehensive way will regenerate your body and mind by introducing harmony between them. Again you will feel that you have plenty of energy to act, and everyday things will take on a slightly different, more pleasant overtone.