Oil massage (aromatherapy)

Oil massage (aromatherapy)

Massage with the aromatic oils is a possibility for you to experience firsthand the hundreds of years of tradition of the Far East massage school in an unusually relaxing version.
During the massage our professional staff use specially prepared oils from sandalwood, rose, mint lavender, rosewood, frangipani or ylang-ylang and from other unique trees and bushes straight from Thailand.

Greatest effects of aromatherapy include stimulating circulation of the lymphatic system which gives good results for the immune system. It also tightens the skin and lets you experience a state of deep relaxation. So, if you want to improve the condition of your skin or just simply relax and forget about all of your problems it’s a perfect option for you.

We would especially recommend this kind of a pleasure for clients, who had never tried a Thai massage and are afraid of pain. In this case, you get to know some universal techniques, which would make the fear of the unknown pain disappear.

Price list of oil massage

Duration 60 min. 90 min. 120 min.
Oil massage
180 zł 230 zł 280 zł

What to expect?

The main aim of the massage with aromatic oils is relaxation and putting you in a great mood. Oils that are gently massaged into your body would leave a nice feeling of a smooth skin even for a few hours after the treatment. But if you have an important meeting after the massage or any other reason, you can wash off the oils in our fully equipped bathroom with fresh towels that are waiting for you at our salon.

This is a whole body massage, so the only thing you would wear is disposable, hypoallergenic undergarments, which we will provide you with prior to your massage. If you ‘re wondering whether you need to do any preparations before treatment, the answer is no. The only thing you would need is time for this pleasure. Our staff highly recommend 1,5h or 2h version of the massage, which is a standard in Thai sanctuaries. If you want to achieve maximum effects during one session, two-hours version is especially recommended. A one hour massage is a great option to get rid of stress, during a lunch break at work.

The technique of oil massage

Aromatic oil massage includes the whole body and is performed in a lying position. In the beginning, you are going to lay on your back and the masseur would apply oils into your skin, starting from your legs.

When the first leg is thoroughly massaged, it is wrapped into a towel to speed up the absorption of the oils. Next, the ritual is repeated with the other leg also beginning at the foot. After that, the masseur concentrates on massaging your hands, forearms and chest. When these parts of the body are properly relaxed, you change of position to lying on your stomach. The whole massage completes with a head and face massage.

The massage results in the skin being nourished, and our senses enjoy the scents spreading in the air. It’s not recommended to wash off the oil straight after the massage due to their beneficial properties.

We would like to encourage you to inform the therapist about your preferences, starting with your choice of oils used during the massage to the intensity of its scent. For instance, lavender helps to get into a state of relaxation, the scent of lemon stimulates, and jasmine increases skin’s elasticity. “Maybe there are parts that you would like the masseuse to focus on? Of course, it’s possible.” You just need to inform the receptionist about your preferences or the masseur prior to your massage.

Knowledge in a Nutshell

Aromatic Oil massage is the most relaxing one from all of the Thai massages, which we offer. It’s performed with aromatic oils from sandalwood, rose, mint lavender, rosewood, frangipani, ylang-ylang and other unique tree extracts straight from Thailand. All of the moves in this massage are slow, with a concentration on precision and providing relaxation to the whole body. Firstly, a person being massaged is lying on their back. Oils are gently and slowly massaged into your skin, starting from your feet. After the massaging of one leg, it’s wrapped into a towel to let the oils effectively absorb into your skin. Similarly to Thai massage after the massage of hands, forearms and chest, the client change s position and the ritual is repeated starting from the feet to the neck. Treatment completes with a gentle head and face massage.

Oil massage is performed in disposable undergarments we will provide. If you want to, you can take a shower before your massage. We would highly recommend not to wash off the oils straight after the massage due to their effective properties.

Massage with the aromatic oils is available in two-hands and four-hands version. We also pay attention to the oils, because every single one has a unique influence on the body- lavender relaxes, lemongrass stimulates and jasmine increases skin’s elasticity.

Effect of oil massage

The advantages of oil massage include:

  • overall regeneration of an exhausted body and mind
  • ability to get into a state of the deepest relaxation
  • releasing the tension of muscles
  • better lymph circulation
  • skin elasticity
  • moisturising and soothing of dry skin