Relief for the back package


The back relief package is a series of massages whose effects will be particularly appreciated by those who work stationary. If you spend a lot of time at the desk every day, you may feel discomfort or pain in your neck, shoulders or loins. The massages that make up this package have been carefully selected to regenerate these parts, to alleviate and relieve pain.

Traditional Thai massage will increase the range of movement of your body, remove tension in the muscles, restore full mobility of the joints and stretch the tendons. After the massage you will feel a boost of positive energy and the ailments will decrease significantly.

Massage of the back, shoulders and head, the main element of the package will focus very precisely on the painful places, bringing relief and relaxation. A special mix of oils and ointments, which we use during the treatment, will warm your muscles up and also nourish the skin.

You may be surprised by reflexology, which also enters the package. It may seem that the feet or legs do not have much to do with the pain of, for example, the neck. The practice of our Thai staff shows, however, that very often the source of pain is in a completely different place than the one in which we feel it. Here it is worth paying attention to the properties of the reflexology treatment itself.

Package consists of:Price
2 x 1,5h back, shoulders and head massage,
1 x 1h reflexology,
1 x 1,5h classic thai massage
690 zł 590 zł

A well-known fact is that it has a beneficial effect on the functioning of internal organs. Regular use of such treatments can bring significant improvement in the functioning of the whole organism.

Back relief package is also a great idea for a gift. Very often, our relatives complain about various kinds of ailments resulting from the nature of work or lifestyle - thanks to you, they can again enjoy full freedom of movement and relax in a great way. All packages are available immediately at our salons in the center of Warsaw, in Saska Kępa and Mokotów. You can also buy them online -